Friday, May 22, 2015

Stitch fix review number 2

So... I was soooo excited to get this fix I could hardly contain myself! 

I told my stylist I was going to the beach and I pinned stuff to my stitch fix board on Pinterest and I felt she really took both into consideration. All the tops she sent me were warm weather, thin material to help me stay cool this summer! I really appreciated that! 

When I got my fix I tore it open and looked at the card and thought seriously! This is the best fix!! I'm keeping it all, I just know I'm going to love it! Everything she picked was so cute and my style! Amazing how after just one fix that happens. :) 

Here's my style card she sent me: 

Unfortunately, I had to try things out. Let me say this in her defense, in extremely critical of myself so I think that comes into play here as well :) 

She sent me these awesome lace shorts that are made of cotton so I would stay cool along with an elastic waistband, can we say hallelujah!!!!! And then picked out this coral print top to go with them because I had told her on my Pinterest how much I LOVE coral :) 
( Excuse my no makeup and crazy hair--but honesty I look like this 90%of the time)

I loved both but I felt there was something about the shorts just a tad bit off and the arms of shirt were a tad big. 

But she totally got me in making sure all my shirts hung off me! Thank you Allison! 

2nd top: 
This navy blue knit tank with really cool wide straps. This shirt is super comfy and I love wide straps! I hate when my bra straps are showing when I'm trying to wear a tank. But all in all it's a basic navy tank. And again for some
 reason the arm holes were a tad big. 

3rd tank:
Also in my Pinterest board I said I like floral, and I do if done right, I feel like this shirt is so right! It's probably my fav. I love  that it's dark, it hangs nice, it's interesting, and so girly with that crocheted bottom! Arm holes on this are a bit big too but not by much. 

4th and final tank: 
I kinda love the color block on this tank and it's made of a silky material. However, the top white section is almost completely see through and I'm not about that life. But other than that I love it. 

So: what do y'all think? What's your favorite? What should I keep? What should I for sure send back? Leave me comments either on here or fb and let me know! I have decisions to make :) 

And if you are interested in scheduling your own fix please use my referral code, I get a credit! I would so appreciate it!

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