Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Oops I did it again...

Okay sorry for the horrible Britney Spears reference but I got another trunk. Just to catch you up. Trunk Club is a completely free service powered by nordstroms where you get a stylist to send you items that might look great on you! 

Here's trunk three. 

I had only asked for bras and then when I got my trunk preview I told my stylist to just throw some more things in the box. Cardigans, sweaters, and flats. She did just that, just not sure how much I loved them, which is okay too. I still love the thought of clothes shopping in my house!  But needless to say I didn't get to approve or disapprove of any other items other than the bras since they were the original items. 

Would love to know your thoughts! I included the prices on my price sheet as well as the name of the item. The one great thing about trunk club is that if it goes on sale online at Nordstrom.com (as most everything does) while you have your trunk they price match! Woo hoo! And you get 10 days to decide (or see if it goes on sale). 

I actually really like this shirt but I feel like it looks a lot like the coral button down chambray I kept in my last trunk. I'm just not sure how much coral I need in my wardrobe. Although I do love it! Mixed media v neck tunic $58.

This cardigan!!! Oh how I love it! Long cardigan by Bobeau $58.  First of all those that saw my last reveal know this is my color!  It's super soft and I just like it! She also sent me the black v neck shirt underneath ($29) and I love the shirring on the sides! But it's still a little tighter on the tummy than I like.

Three quarter length sleeve cardigan by halogen $46.00. This was just okay for me. Nothing particularly wrong just nothing great either.

I really loved this cardigan so I threw it over this tank. The tank (boho lace trim tank by Carlson $39) is cute as a tank but I don't think it's great on me. Kinda like a tent and it's almost see through. I think in another color I could have appreciated it more.

Stripe v neck sweater by Carlson. I didn't think this was flattering at all but I wanted to like it. And these NYDJ white flare jeans $134. I'm short so I tucked these under as if I was going to get them hemmed. I'm just not sure I can embrace the flare leg Jean trend again. And I just bought white skinnies before I started doing trunk club. 

Eadda leather flat by lucky brand. $58.95. Reasonably priced and I asked for gold, tan, or brown flats so these definitely fit the bill but there's something about the fit on the back of my foot I don't like. But I could absolutely use these.

Felicia flat by Sam Edelman. $99.95 

These were very interesting and I like that but they kinda reminded me of house slippers. And I don't think I would pay $100 for flats.

Excuse my face! I was trying to figure out what the heck this was! This is the "cuff sleeve cotton blend knit tunic by Carlson" $54.00. I almost didn't mind the oversized ness but those sleeves! They are weird.

I also recieved some more bras because the ones in my last trunk were not the right size. And again I'd rather try bras on in my own home than go bra shopping. 

Let me know what you think! Anything worth keeping? 

Be brave and struggle well! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Trunk club review: Trunks 1 and 2

So... I did this new thing. I was added to a stitch fix group where women were asking each other if there was something LIKE stitch fix but without the stylist fee. Enter>trunk club. Trunk club is sponsored by Nordstroms. So it's all Nordstrom clothes. The price point is higher but it has its benefits. No stylist fee, 10-15 items per trunk, and you get 10 days to decide. Shipping is free both ways and they don't charge you until after they get the trunk back and confirm the items in it. You get to preview your trunk and select items you KNOW you hate or are out of your price range and ask them not to send them.  Also, you speak directly to your stylist at length by phone or email. I hated my first trunk but loved my second. And since it's a free service what do I have to lose? 

I asked my stylist to please not send me anything over $100 (I have been told of items in the thousands) and that I was a clearance rack shopper. She asked one item I might be willing to splurge on, and I told her great fitting jeans (which due to some weight gain is next to impossible). 

Here is trunk number one. I returned everything in it. I might have kept one pair of jeans if I could have afforded them and the had been like a smidge bigger in the waist. After receiving all these items I went in and changed my top sizes to bigger because everything she sent me in this trunk was a medium and I usually wear a large. 

Your trunk comes in a box that actually looks like a trunk! 
It's all packaged up neatly! 
This sweater had cute potential but that hem. It kinda looked like a craft project. These boots are okay but I have gray booties and I felt like my feet looked a little clown-ish in these. 

This sweater fit well but I couldn't get over the two tone. And I didn't feel super cute in it. I also have the rag and bone jeans in this pic and most others too. These were the jeans I liked. 

I like the way this sweater looks in the picture but it had a wear zig zag print on it that was reminiscent of the early 90's but I did like the color. 

The hem on these jeans was just weird. And they were an odd length and didn't fit well. 

I really liked the color of these and they are Paige premium which I have been dying to try and while they were super stretchy, they were too tight. 
Again the cute jeans! This sweater was probably my favorite but it just hung off me, was one you have to wear something under, and there was just nothing special about it. It was just kinda boring. 

This sweater was okay until I realized it had weird high side slits. 

I shudder at this picture. It's awful. I was so excited about this jacket/blazer/cardigan! And then I tried it on and it made me look soo round! Umm...no. 

I hated this jacket in the pic. I thought no way am I going to like that. But then I put it on and it's soooo cute! But it was too small and I have no idea where I would have ever worn it too. 

I had a rough start with trunk club. It took my stylist a long time to get back with me and after I got my trunk I felt like she wasn't listening to me at all. Like why did I fill the stylist profile out!!?! But I left very real and honest notes on my feedback. She immediately sent out a second trunk as soon as my feedback was returned and before my trunk had even been picked up from my house. And I loved the items she had picked. I honestly wouldn't have tried again based on my first trunk experience had I had to pay for the service. 

Here's trunk number 2. I still have a week  to decide. So help a sister out! Tell me what you like, and what you hate! 

All pretty and wrapped up! 
Addie took all the pictures that follow! 

I really like this tank. It's flattering. I wasn't super excited about the print but I do like it. And it's relatively inexpensive. It's a nicer material so I feel like i can throw a cardigan over it or wear as is depending on the weather and dress up or down. 

I love chambray and i love that it's in style so when I saw this in my preview I was excited about it! But when I put it on I was underwhelmed. I felt like a tent and it's almost maternity feeling the way it's cut and the length. 

This shirt has a grandma-Esque print to it and is too short and hangs weird. 

This shirt I was the MOST excited about and oh my goodness it didn't disappoint. The material is like the butteriest denim I've ever felt! It's heavy and feels like super high quality and it's a coral pink, one of my favorite colors! 

I love the long sleeves on this dress but it made me look so round in the middle and wide. And I think it was a little aging. I wanted to like it. 

Same story with this dress! I liked in in the picture but in it looks older than I am and makes me round in the middle. 

I never can find a great maxi so I was excited to see this one coming. I loved the material it was made out of but it was SUPER long and I know I can get that hemmed but even the neck line felt a little 80's prom to me. 

This dress is all kinds of wrong. It's the wrong length. It's the wrong style. I look HUGE! It's just bad bad bad. It was almost the most expensive thing she sent me. 

This dress!!!! I LOVE it! I felt so cute in it! And it's such a pretty color! But what shoes? 

I also requested bras. I recieved 5. I hated some and liked some. But I hate bra shopping so having them sent to me was AWESOME!! 

So those are my trunks! 

If you would like to try it and want to sign up with my stylist you can sign up with this link. www.trunkclub.com/invite/USQ3UG
And IF you ever kept anything you recieved in your trunk I would get $50 trunk credit. 

Let me know! 

Be brave and struggle well!