Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stitch fix review number 3 and 4.

So... I ordered my third fix. Super ecstatic about receiving it and then I opened the box and went through each piece just praying there would be one thing in there I would love. See I hadn't even paid my stylist fee because I had some referral cash...yes!!! And I really didn't want to waste that credit on ....nothing. I was super bummed because I didn't like anything but I decided no matter what I was going to try it all on anyway. It didn't help. I still hated every single piece. Well disliked one, hated all the others. And the one I disliked was more for price point than anything else. So here it is fix number three: 
Are you with me? I feel like somewhere along the lines I morphed into a 40 yr old. The dress was okay but it was $100 and while nice dresses cost that much, and stitch fix's clothes seem to be extremely well made, I'm still nursing and don't really have many places to wear a dress to, so I didn't feel I could justify that. 

I was so sad and at the encouragement of some Facebook friends I contacted stitch fix and they stated they really wanted to make me happy and would style me again without the fee! Okay! I mean how could I say no? 

So...I rescheduled my fix immediately and anxiously awaited my new fix just knowing that they would send me some pieces that matched my awesome personality ;) but alas this box wasn't that much better. However, I did at least feel like she tried. Somehow they have construed me as someone who dressed much older. But hey she looked at my Pinterest and sent me the exact shirt I had pinned. So there was some effort and I can't be mad about that and I did find one piece I liked! So here it is fix number 4:
I kept the gray shirt. It's fun. It's young. It's versatile. The black jeans are like maternity meets straight legged jeans meets jeggings. They are pretty strange. The floral top I actually really liked but I feel like it was a little too long and just a tad moo moo ish. The blue top was the one I had pinned on Pinterest it has a pretty cool stud detail that I liked but when I got it, it was one of those shirts that has a cami and then the sheer top over and I 1)already where too many layers due to nursing and 2)those types of shirts just aren't my friend. But I appreciated the thought. And the olive
Blazer. It was definitely better than the other blazer I was sent but it just didn't work for me. I looked even bigger and since I'm already bigger on top I just felt like I was emphasizing that more. 

So there it is my last two fixes. I think i might give it one more try. I love the idea of stitch fix so I really want it to work. 

If you would like to give it a try even after my very honest reflection. Here is the place to sign up :)