Friday, December 18, 2015

Stitch fix #5

So I had all but given up on stitch fix and they sent me a coupon code for my stylist fee because I hadn't ordered so long and I thought, "what do I have to lose?" So here goes need your opinions!! 

It looks like there are a few keepers! And on the stylist card I have almost all the items to style one look like my stylist says! Yay! 

Shirt number one. It's like a half shirt half sweater thing. It's super comfy but I feel like it cuts me weird and it's a little long. 

Shirt #2 I kinda love how this drapes and I love the color. 

Sweater: I'm not sure how I could not love this! 

Skirt: I kinda like it, and I kinda don't. I think it's a tad long. But I like the print. 

Jeans: boyfriend cut jeans. Super comfy I'm just not sold on the fit. 

Wanna get your own fix? Here's my referral code!

Tell me what you think 

Struggle well and be brave, 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Better get right with the Lord", wait, what?

I am a Christian. I love Jesus. People think these are the endtimes... and maybe, they are. But over the last few weeks I have seen several people in my facebook feed say "Better get right with the Lord". I realize this is an effort to promote the Kingdom and right living... but I feel like it's doing more harm than good for His Kingdom.

You see we are already Holy and Blameless because we are God's Children. As a follower of Jesus Christ I'm already viewed, flawless and perfect in God's eyes. This isn't a free pass to live my life any old way I want. I think we are always on the pursuit of Righteousness and to be evermore like Jesus. And when we have real relationship with him that's what we want to do, it isn't work! But I read this a couple times and I started thinking "Oh, Crap! am I right with the Lord?"

There are so many "Christians" that have a hard time with their spiritual walk because they feel they have to be perfect in order to pursue God. I think this "better get right with the Lord" statement perpetuates that thinking. I'm never going to be good enough, I'm never going to live my life perfectly. If I could do that, I wouldn't need Jesus. I'm never going to be a "model Christian" at least to those that know me best. But here is the GOOD NEWS, I don't have to be! Christ died for my sins, the ugly, the angry, the impatient, all of it! It doesn't mean I live my life just doing those things because Christ died for me to do it, because He didn't. It's not a free pass, He died to forgive me. And he will but I have to have a repentant heart, and that comes from saying "Look, I messed up, but I don't want to live in that place anymore, I don't want to be that person anymore! I want to be better! Help me to be better!" You see the attitude is that the sin is still yucky in my life, even though God sees me as perfect.

I also think that saying to someone "you better get right with God" implies you have it all together. We all have junk. Sometimes our junk is just not as apparent as others. And pointing someone else's junk out is hurting our witness. Be who you want your friends to be in Christ. Quit accusing others and just work on you. Then God will work on their heart by seeing your example. (Probers 27:17). And I think there's that whole planks and specks thing. (Matthew 7:1-5) Just sayin. 

I can't "get right with God" in one moment. It's a process. No one is EVER right with God in the sense that we aren't going to mess up, but as a Christian we are Right with God. When we accept Jesus that's all that God sees, the Jesus in us. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stitch fix review number 3 and 4.

So... I ordered my third fix. Super ecstatic about receiving it and then I opened the box and went through each piece just praying there would be one thing in there I would love. See I hadn't even paid my stylist fee because I had some referral cash...yes!!! And I really didn't want to waste that credit on ....nothing. I was super bummed because I didn't like anything but I decided no matter what I was going to try it all on anyway. It didn't help. I still hated every single piece. Well disliked one, hated all the others. And the one I disliked was more for price point than anything else. So here it is fix number three: 
Are you with me? I feel like somewhere along the lines I morphed into a 40 yr old. The dress was okay but it was $100 and while nice dresses cost that much, and stitch fix's clothes seem to be extremely well made, I'm still nursing and don't really have many places to wear a dress to, so I didn't feel I could justify that. 

I was so sad and at the encouragement of some Facebook friends I contacted stitch fix and they stated they really wanted to make me happy and would style me again without the fee! Okay! I mean how could I say no? 

So...I rescheduled my fix immediately and anxiously awaited my new fix just knowing that they would send me some pieces that matched my awesome personality ;) but alas this box wasn't that much better. However, I did at least feel like she tried. Somehow they have construed me as someone who dressed much older. But hey she looked at my Pinterest and sent me the exact shirt I had pinned. So there was some effort and I can't be mad about that and I did find one piece I liked! So here it is fix number 4:
I kept the gray shirt. It's fun. It's young. It's versatile. The black jeans are like maternity meets straight legged jeans meets jeggings. They are pretty strange. The floral top I actually really liked but I feel like it was a little too long and just a tad moo moo ish. The blue top was the one I had pinned on Pinterest it has a pretty cool stud detail that I liked but when I got it, it was one of those shirts that has a cami and then the sheer top over and I 1)already where too many layers due to nursing and 2)those types of shirts just aren't my friend. But I appreciated the thought. And the olive
Blazer. It was definitely better than the other blazer I was sent but it just didn't work for me. I looked even bigger and since I'm already bigger on top I just felt like I was emphasizing that more. 

So there it is my last two fixes. I think i might give it one more try. I love the idea of stitch fix so I really want it to work. 

If you would like to give it a try even after my very honest reflection. Here is the place to sign up :)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Stitch fix review number 2

So... I was soooo excited to get this fix I could hardly contain myself! 

I told my stylist I was going to the beach and I pinned stuff to my stitch fix board on Pinterest and I felt she really took both into consideration. All the tops she sent me were warm weather, thin material to help me stay cool this summer! I really appreciated that! 

When I got my fix I tore it open and looked at the card and thought seriously! This is the best fix!! I'm keeping it all, I just know I'm going to love it! Everything she picked was so cute and my style! Amazing how after just one fix that happens. :) 

Here's my style card she sent me: 

Unfortunately, I had to try things out. Let me say this in her defense, in extremely critical of myself so I think that comes into play here as well :) 

She sent me these awesome lace shorts that are made of cotton so I would stay cool along with an elastic waistband, can we say hallelujah!!!!! And then picked out this coral print top to go with them because I had told her on my Pinterest how much I LOVE coral :) 
( Excuse my no makeup and crazy hair--but honesty I look like this 90%of the time)

I loved both but I felt there was something about the shorts just a tad bit off and the arms of shirt were a tad big. 

But she totally got me in making sure all my shirts hung off me! Thank you Allison! 

2nd top: 
This navy blue knit tank with really cool wide straps. This shirt is super comfy and I love wide straps! I hate when my bra straps are showing when I'm trying to wear a tank. But all in all it's a basic navy tank. And again for some
 reason the arm holes were a tad big. 

3rd tank:
Also in my Pinterest board I said I like floral, and I do if done right, I feel like this shirt is so right! It's probably my fav. I love  that it's dark, it hangs nice, it's interesting, and so girly with that crocheted bottom! Arm holes on this are a bit big too but not by much. 

4th and final tank: 
I kinda love the color block on this tank and it's made of a silky material. However, the top white section is almost completely see through and I'm not about that life. But other than that I love it. 

So: what do y'all think? What's your favorite? What should I keep? What should I for sure send back? Leave me comments either on here or fb and let me know! I have decisions to make :) 

And if you are interested in scheduling your own fix please use my referral code, I get a credit! I would so appreciate it!

Struggle well and be brave

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stitch fix review

So... I did this totally awesome fun thing! I stitch fixed!!

I consider myself pretty frugal and usually shop only off the clearance rack. However, I have been scouring the internet learning what I can about capsule wardrobes. I am not a super fashionable person (like I would wear my pjs everywhere if it was acceptable) but I WANT to be fashionable! A capsule wardrobe is the idea that you have a limited number of things per season in your closet and it has to be things you LOVE! This is the best way to figure out what YOUR style is. And then you decide what you need to add to it for the upcoming or current season.

So I decided I wanted to do this, but I wanted to have quality pieces. Enter stitch fix --> I'm terrible about picking things out that actually look good and fit on my body. Like seriously I tried on 9 pairs of jeans at nordstrom rack the other day and still walked away without a pair of jeans. I have seen review after review of people doing stitch fix and getting well fitting jeans the first time. I figured I would give it a shot and you can do it up to once a month or as infrequent as you like. You pay $20 for your stylist fee, you fill out a stylist profile, they pair you with a stylist, they handpick things just for you and then ship it to you. You try it on, and then they send you a postage paid envelope to ship back the things you don't like. If you decide you want to keep anything your $20 fee applies towards the cost of the items. Completely risk free!

It was so fun and exciting! I couldn't wait to see what my stylist had picked out for me!

The box comes all packaged up so pretty!
It includes a note from my stylist, A postage paid envelope, and card that shows you how to use the items they send. 
The first item they sent me was this layering necklace. I'm not huge on accessories but I did try it on just to make sure! (That's me being open to possibilities) 
She sent me this striped layering tee and cargo type vest. Since I'm picking items for my spring capsule I chose not to keep this layering tee (you know since I live in Texas) and I didn't love the way I looked in the tee alone. I thought the horizontal stripes made me look wide. She sent me the vest as a way to camoflauge the tummy and while it worked and did make me appear longer it was just a tad too small to actually button. 

Let's talk about how much I LOVE this pink shirt. But it was also a tad too small (and I was SOOO sad). I did however keep the jeans I tried on. While they are something I would have NEVER picked out for my self (they remind me of granny jeans) they made my rear look better than I think it normally does and they were so comfortable! 

So there you have it! My fix. 

I can't wait until the change of season (that's when I'll update my capsule) to have another fix sent! 

If you want to fill out a style profile and help this momma out with some fix credit (for you using this link to sign up) please do that here:

Remember be brave and struggle well