Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stitch Fix Trunk Club Catch up.

I have still been ordering trunks and fixes. I just had been a little disenchanted and so I didn't feel the need to run out and write a blog or ask what I should keep

I had received some credit from a referral from stitch fix so on March 1st I got this fix! 

These are the finnegan cuff shorts. They are a horrible fit. In stitch fix's defense I really wanted these shorts. But I'm just an odd fit. These would be great on someone long waisted and bottom heavy. That's just not me. 

I had this dress pinned on my Pinterest board and my oh my was it comfy but I was looking super pregnant because of where it hit on my waist. So negative 

I had this shirt pinned too! I loved it- but not on me. It's a sheer fabric with no give and it was tight across the chest and just not comfortable. 

These jeans were awesome! Super comfy and fit great but just like an inch shorter than I like. I'm just not into ankle jeans. 

And lastly in this fix: I had asked for a statement necklace and they sent me this. I guess it's okay but it just reminded me too much of those belts that were popular 15 years ago. I just couldn't committ. 

So I sent it all back. What do you think? Did I make some good or bad choices? Anything you think I should have kept?

Trunk club round one: 
I asked for colored pants and I was sent these in two different colors. They were obviously a horrible fit for my body. 

I really liked these shorts but they were like $120. Umm. No. I will go to target. K thanks. 

I asked for work pants I got the following two pairs: 

I'm not sure where I said I was 80 but thanks trunk club! 

I was super frustrated. I wanted trunk club to work but just can't seem to get it! Someone suggested I make a wish list on Nordstrom.com and send it to my stylist! So I did! My next trunk was so much better! 

This shirt though 😳

I asked for this Vince Camuto shirt but in lime green. I have a blank tank very similar to this one. So I sent it back but I loved it! I also really like the jeans but they just weren't "perfect". 

This dress oh this dress! I loved it and if fit wonderfully! But the quality just wasn't spectacular!  

Just look at that back ☝🏻️

I didn't hate this dress. My husband however. 😬
These cute wedges came too but I read some pretty stinky reviews and I didn't want to take the chance on them being a waste. 

If these toms had been any other color besides chambray I would have probably kept them. I loved the way they felt. I just didn't want denim shoes. 🙁

So I sent it all back. I can't pay for things I don't LOVE 😍

Then my stylist got a promotion and a new stylist put me a trunk together. Some of the times were out of stock so I only had four items but I thought over all it was decent for her first shot versus my other stylist. 

I loved the waist this dress gave me! The neckline was pretty perfect too! It was high quality and while I didn't love the length Nordstrom will alter anything you buy from trunk club free so I knew I could get it taken up a couple inches. But I just didn't like that belly it gave me. My stylist is supposed to send me another dress like this and great spanx in my next trunk! We will see.  

The top of this dress was just weird. But other than that it was okay. 

Loved the fit. Super comfy! Hated the print. 

And these pants 👎
They are the same ones from an earlier trunk in a different color. Love the color. Hate the pants. :( 

I'm hoping my next trunk is better. There are quite a few things I NEED in my closet. But I just can't find the ONES. If that makes sense. 

I got one last fix (because I had more credit $$$) and I really thought I loved the things in it. But the more I think about them the less I like them so I need your help! Tell me what you love in this fix👇🏼

This coral shirt. I have a thing for coral! 

These shorts. I really like the fit. They are slightly stretchy! They are a great length. 

This slouchy boyfriend tank (same shorts from above). I feel like this isn't flattering and feels like pajamas and like with just the right tug from a kid in exposed because it's super stretchy. 

My stylist suggested wearing it like this 👇🏼 with the maxi skirt she sent. 

And I tried it with a knot 
I tried to make it work. I just don't think it does. Do you? And what about the print on that skirt? Is it as weird as I think it is? 

And lastly this dress. It's super comfy but the material is thin and you can see my "ripples" on my back. But it IS cute.  Hmmm. 
What do y'all think? I have to check out on my last fix tomorrow. Is there anything worth keeping? I hate to waste my credit.

If you're interested in trying either service here are my referral links:

Trunk club:

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