Friday, October 16, 2009

5 years!

I know this is a week overdue, But I just wanted to let you know that Aaron and I have been married for 5years!! OMG!! It seems like not that long ago I was the anxious girl peeking from behind the bathroom door, not really understanding what I was signing up for. Nevertheless, I'm so glad I made the plunge with the man I did. It's hard being two seperate people learning not only to live together, but very quickly after, to parent together. It's been a challenge but I know beyond a doubt that we love each other. I know that we are growing together and I'm so excited to see what the future brings!

I love you husband!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My iphone drama

Yes, I have nothing better to write about but my "American Problems". I feel like such a whiner complaing about something so not worth complaining about when there are people all over the world suffering, but nevertheless, I am an American and these are my problems.

One week ago today my iPhone was stolen from a Walmart parking Lot. I'm not exactly sure what happened or where it went as it was in the basket with my kiddos and I would have surely not missed someone reaching into my basket, and my four year old would have no doubtedly started telling me that someone grabbed my "mone". So I'm not sure where it went missing but in my adventure from Walmart to my house, I realized it was gone. My friends Kim and Chris were with me and began calling my phone in which the person who possessed my phone started forwarding my calls to voicemail. Chris began then sending texts saying, "please call me, there has been an accident, it's an emergency" trying to appeal to thier better morals. However, people that steal have no morals and they turned my phone off. I was at the same time on the phone with AT&T suspending my line.

I proceeded to then file a police report to verify that yes, it was stolen, and that way it can't be pawned. Which is nice!! However, I then called AT&T again to make sure that since I had reported the phone stolen to them and to the police that AT&T (which the iphone is exclusive to) wouldn't activate a stolen iPhone. Which in they proceed to tell me that yes, they will activate it. I told them that didn't make me feel like they cared about thier customers very much. They said that cell phones change hands so much that they can't know if the phone is stolen or not. HELLO!! I've reported it stolen. So I then ask the man (since I've had my phone less than 90 days) what they can do to help me get another one. He tells me nothing, and that I have to pay FULL PRICE ($400) for the 3g 8gig (bottom of the line) iphone.

I went to AT&T today becuase I couldn't get my new sim card to work in my phone and of course I can't help but tell the guy about my dillema where in he tells me I can call Apple and they can disable the phone with the IMEI number. So I call Apple and they tell me, no, that's not true and they can't do any of that. I then start telling her about what has happened. She tells me that I could have purchased insurance through an insurance company (becuase AT&T and Apple don't offer anything that covers theft), and I was like yeah, but I would have had to pay a five hundred deductible or pay $400 for a new phone. I mean really, why would I do that. She told me there is nothing they can do. And that if the people who stole my phone call in with MY serial number that is registered to MY name, they have to help them. WHAT!!! I said why can't you protect the honest people. I don't understand.

Needless to say I'm using a POS phone and I'm writing letters to AT&T and Apple about protecting the people that give them business. It wouldn't be hard my iTunes account could disable the phone when they try to hook it up. Or AT&T could have to type in the serial number if an iPhone comes in that wasn't purchased on that account and when it comes up on my account they could confiscate the phone. If they tried to call and activate it, they could have to type in the serial number and then tell the person on the phone there is no way to activate it over the phone and that they will have to come in. Sprint and TMobile do it. Why can't AT&T, and can it really be that hard when they are the only ones that service iPhones. UGHHH irritates me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My daughter isn't growing!

So I took Addie to the Doctor yesterday and found out that in the last three months she has not even gained an ounce. I have a 14 lb 10 month old. The only advice I was really given was to feed her more. SO, I am feeding her every two hours, which is exhausting. I'm a little worried but I think that's the devil becuase I was totally okay with it when the doctor told me. I just knew some things had to change and we have to get her back on track. So my tiny daughter that isn't even on the growth chart anymore will hopefully begin to pack on the pounds!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Official

Aaron Walked!! I'm so excited and proud of him! Here are some pictures from the event!

My husband is offically out of school for Funeral Directing. I think his plans are to go back to be a Embalmer in about 6 months. He takes the Board on June 5th!

Our Whole Clan:

Aaron and His Boss:

The Family:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aaron Graduates!!!

Well, He did it!! My husband is officially a College graduate!! He walks on Friday! I'm so proud of him and excited for all that is to come! God is so good and I feel like such a blessed woman. The air in my house is different! Less Stress, More Peace, No Worry!! I'm so thankful to have a man that works so hard to provide for his family, even at 24.
Thank you to all of those that prayed for him! I really appreciate my friends and family!

Addie and Her TuTu!!

Addie and her sweet TuTu that I made! I think I want to take some more pictures soon!! It is so cute! The first one is just for laughs but the others are so sweet! I love this little girl so much!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

ADDIE!!! and Aaron School update!

So, My precious Addie...she had been crying for a little bit before I went and got her out of her bed this morning, I walked in her room to find her completely standing up in her crib. She isn't pulling up on anything else in the house, so I thought I still had a little bit. But there she was, screaming and standing. Also, she is pushing through her first tooth on the bottom right. She has been fussy lately but I thought it was just due to a little virus, but nope. I felt it, her first tooth!! I"m so excited! As soon as I can I will post pictures of her doing these fun things and her cute teeth! SHe is crawling and she is super fast, I can't keep up with her, she is still army crawling but is definatley more effecient in doing so. I never really had this with Cade so pray for me as I learn all about what it means to not only have a crawling child, but one that also puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!

Okay, now on to my lovely Husband Aaron. He has to take several tests this week and if he fails even one test, all of his schooling is for nothing. He can't even retake the one class, he has to start school completely over again (which he won't) and all the money, time, and stress that has gone into this rediculousness we call school will be for nothing, not to mention that in this economy he will also be looking for a job. The job he currently has only continues if he gets through school. So please be praying for him this week! Pray for the provision of our family. I know that he has been studying, so pray that God brings the things he needs to know back to his memory! Thank you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Aaron and School

Well, Lets just say, they don't mix. It took him longer to get through High School, but mostly becuase I think he just didn't care. And now longer to get through college. I don't really care, I'm just proud of him for working and supporting his family alone, and then on top of that going to school full time and passing (for the most part).

Aaron is highly intellegent. I have never met someone that can figure out things the way he does. He definately thinks differently, but he can figure things out that even someone we might consider to be really smart can't. The problem is that he just doesn't do well in school. Aaron has embalmed before becuase he used to have provisional licenses to do so, and is admittedly by other funeral directors, one of the best embalmers they have ever seen, yet he can't make it through the schooling that you are supposed to have to do that. Why? becuase it's not hands on doing. That is how Aaron learns the best. They have to take much of the same classes that any other degree requires. English, Math, Accounting, Small Business Management, Anatomy, Psychology, etc. I want to help him so bad but there is really nothing I can do for him. He is passing all his classes but one (grief psychology) in which his teacher, by Aaron's admission, doesn't really teach.

He has finals this week, and then the next two weeks (i guess) he has "comps" which is where he takes tests on everything he ever learned in this school, however some of it he went through years ago. He is scared, and stressed. He feels like he isn't going to make it. Becuase he works at a funeral home at the present time, his job is contingent on him passing school. He just got this job back and I really feel like it was the provision of the Lord. I know that Aaron can do it, but he doesn't, and he keeps speaking it in to being that he isn't going to make it. I have tried to talk to him, but I just don't think he really understands what I'm saying, or that that is really true. Please keep Aaron in your prayers these next two weeks as he finishes school. I'm really so proud of him that he has made it this far, and I just want him to get the boost of confidence that he needs to beleive in himself, and lean on the Lord.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's amazing how something THAT cute could poop so much!! My kids have been sick lately which has lead to Mr. Cade having diarrhea. Yesterday morning Cade came into my room as he does every morning, but before I put him up in the bed I realize he had pooped in his pants, regular poop mind you, and I didn't think too much about it since I had given him prune juice the night before I thought he must have just done it in his sleep and I changed him, no big deal right?
I ran into the tanning place yesterday and Peter sat in the car with my kids. By the time I came out Cade had pooped in his pants. I explained to him it's okay, You tried to tell me, don't worry about it. I preceeded to drive straight home so I could clean him up. On the way home he starts screaming.."I have to poo poo I have to poo poo, It's coming out!!" I can't help but laugh... but tell him it's okay, do what you have to do, but try and hold it we are almost home. and he just keeps saying "it's coming out". So As soon as I get to the house, I can see yes, it is coming out, the back of his shorts. So I run him into the bathroom where he goes MORE... alot MORE!! I get him all cleaned up and throw his underware away, because I was so not cleaning that. And put clean underware on him.
The rest of the day is pretty normal, but by this time I have realized he is sick, at least in that way. He goes potty the rest of the day all is well. At 1:22am this morning Cade comes running in my room screaming,"I poo poo everywhere". I could tell he was upset and assured him it was okay. I take him in the bathroom, oh yes, it's everywhere. I clean him up, of course trying to be as quiet as possible, since Addie is sleeping, get everything all cleaned up but explain to him Mommy will be putting a pull up on him because I don't want to clean up anymore poop! I then go in his room. OH MY!!! Needless to say the sheets as well as the pillowcases (not sure how that happened since it wasn't even on his shirt) had to be changed, do I need to remind you this is all at one thirty in the morning?
I am reminded today, how nice it is to have a child that is potty trained, but the irony of it all, I was taught by the potty trained child. And I should have just washed the first pair of undies... In the long run I cleaned up so much more poop later.

SO that's my mommy story!!
Anyone else have a rediculous poop story?

Backyard Fun!

This is strictly a picture blog from some backyard fun we have had with the Anglins.

Addie is Eight Months!! (Yesterday) and Cade's 4th Birthday (April 8th)!

I can't believe that eight months ago I was having little Addie Renee. She is such a blessing to me. She is extremely curious. I never had that with Cade, and as she gets older I realize just how different he was as a baby. She is Army Crawling everywhere and she is getting pretty fast. However, investing in a good pair of Babylegs so the dragging her legs doesn't rub them raw. I can't believe how big she is. I know for most people and in comparison to other babies she is small, but knowing how small she was when she was born, I think she is huge!! She loves her brother (most of the time) and loves attention!! She is such a good baby! She makes me want to have more! (Don't worry we aren't planning on that). I'm just so excited! I love my kids!

Which brings me to Cade's 4th Birthday!

We didn't do anything big. Just a couple people over to celebrate him, but he thought it was great! And the chocolate cake! My big boy is four!! Ahhh!! He's cuter everyday, and I love him more always! He is learning and talking so much! I'm excited about the calling on his life and what is going to be doing for the Kingdom. He has such a sweet spirit!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Code Word!!

So, My friends and I sometimes get into conversations about "it". But being that we both have 4 years old they repeat EVERYTHING... and of course the words that you don't want them to say. So I have a question for any and all moms that may read this blog... Do you have a code word for "it"?

Not like "watering the garden" or anything like that. Something that if repeated no one would know what a 4 year old was talking about. Let me know!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Interesting Photos!

I have these two photos that I like alot I thought they were interesting and I wanted to share!

Pink Impact!!

Oh my Goodness. This weekend My mom, my sister, My sister's lovely friend Golden, and myself attended Pink Impact at Gateway Church. It's an all women's conference. The theme was "And Then". Basically it was that we need to experience an "and then, God" moment. It was AMAZING!!!! The worship of course was out of this world with Kari Jobe and Miriam Webster. Then Robert Morris did a lesson about 7 blockages to your "and then" moment. The next day there was two AMAZING lessons from Marliyn Hickey, and then the final session was Holly Wagner of God Chicks. She also did the closing lesson this morning. I would encourage ANY girl of ANY age ( there were teenagers to 80 years old there) to attend next year. You can go to to check out more details about next year and you can probably see this years on there as well. I know they livecast this years. I didn't really take pictures of the event becuase it was so good I didn't want to miss anything by taking pictures. But there are a few of us girls!! THought you might enjoy!

Playing Outside!

Because we have had such beautiful weather I decided to take my kiddos out in the front yard and captured some pictures! I thought you might enjoy them!

Cade talking to Addie: Kisses from Mommy:

Sweet Boy:

Singing and Dancing:
My Sweet Addie:

Driving along in his Automobile:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, I really have a heart for young girls and I wish that they could see what they are doing to themselves. I understand why girls do what they do, but it's still hard for me to sit back and watch. Especially girls I care about. Iwas looking at some myspace's with pictures of girls that claimed they were Christians, that were completely innappropriate (or what I thought was inappropriate by God's standards) and I thought what if I did this (as a youth minister) what would they think, which led me to, it shouldn't be any different for me than it is for them. If you say you are a Christian you need to be willing to live that life. You are just as important in God's kingdom and just as much a reflection of his Kingdom and I am. To a non-Christian we are all the same, minister or not. I started off asking the Question:

Should Girls (or guys) that call themselves Christians post pictures in the underware in a public place where everyone can view them? And, is it different for bathing suits? and is it different for people in a pastor or minister position.

I recieved varying opinions and was glad to see what people thought. These opinions are those of girls aging from 16-25 so everyone is young...
One of the biggest things I would like to point out is that I do think a major factor in this is your heart. Why were you really posting the picture. I have seen some married mom's that don't have the greatest body put up a picture of them in the pool with thier kids playing while, of course, wearing a swim suit. This is NOT what I'm talking about. They aren't posing for the camera, they are simply just showing what thier life is like and how they spend it with thier kids. Most of them really don't WANT to be seen in thier bathing suits, but at the same time aren't opposed to putting up cute "playing" pictures just because they are in thier bathing suits in a pool. I'm talking about the young women that are posing in thier bras or posing for the camera in thier bikinis just to get attention. I obviously can't say for sure or not what the heart of someone is when they post these kinds of pictures but I would say almost 100% of the time it's for attention, and usually you can tell by the picture.
Here was one response that I recieved: I believe that it is not ok to put pics of yourself in underware on there page because if you truly are a Christian, you will be more modest in a swim suit then you are in your underware. No one except your spouse should see you in your underware. But thats just my take on it. So here, they beleive that if you put up pics in your underware it's not, for any reason, okay, but that a bathing suit can be appropriate if it's modest, and that if you are really glorifying God in your dress at all times, your bathing suit will reflect that. I think this is a good view. I also believe that only a spouse should see you in your undies...I don't think this is something that should be revealed to the world to see and I feel like your future spouse, or current spouse, may not like the fact that the world has seen you this way...
Another response:i dont think it is ok for anybody to put pictures of themselves on the internet in their underware. a bathing suit is totally different they are meant to be worn in front of other people so i think that is ok. i think that a pastor or minister can put their picture of them in a bathing suit were the want but not them in their underware. Here again, this person does not feel it's okay for ANY reason to have pictures in your underware. However, I do disagree that any bathing suit is okay. I think there are some bathing suits that cross the line and it would almost be better to see someone in thier underware than thier bathing suit.
Response:honestly it depends how skimpy the underwear are if its a sports bra and boy shorts no big deal just like a bathing suit but if were talking see thru not real proper. and for a leader of a church i feel the same as i just said goes for anyone in my opinion. This response throws me... I understand the view point but, I don't think it would be appropriate for any one to see me in my sports bra, I don't even take pictures in Cami's. Maybe it all depends on how revealing it still is. Different body types will show more. But I still can't see it being okay ever for the leader of a church to post pictures of themselves in any kind of underware. And I also disagree that any bathing suit is okay which i feel like this person led to.
Response: i think it may cause their brother to stumble or lust after them.... If they have a doubts they probably shouldnt do it.a pastor.......I don't think It should change. all Christians are supposed to be striving to be christ-like. Christ would want to cause others to stumble.I think you also should think about the true reasons you are it to build up other people and is it to glorify Him?- Ohh I love this response. Obviously you can't control what other people are thinking, and if you are in clothes that aren't showing anything and others are lusting after you and you aren't doing anything to provoke that, than you can't help it. But if you are posting revealing pictures, really in anything, even clothes, that could attract the "wrong kind" of attention you are causing your brother or sister to sin, and the Bible says it would be better to tie a millstone around your neck and throw yourself into the sea...(Matt 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2). I also LOVE the point here made that no matter what your position as a Christian is, pastor or otherwise, it doesn't matter. Just because you are a pastor you aren't held to a higher standard according to the Bible, necessarily, We are all to follow Christ and to Glorify and worship Him in all that we do, even our dress. And here again she says that motive is a huge part of your decision. Why are you doing what you are doing? Is it bringing Glory to God?We should always be pointing each other back to Him.
Response: I think that God wants us to be modest, and thats definitely not modesty, and as a pastor or minister, the person should try to set the best example possible for the people of his or her church. if you call yourself a Christian you should want to please God and you should follow what God says, and I dont think bathing suits are any different than a bra or underwear, because either way you are showing skin. I like that she says either way you are showing skin.. Good point.
Response:No underwear or some bathing suits becuase even bathing suits can be inappropriate, and posting something immodest is not good, as said in the bible in 1 Timothy 2:9.Also, in a sense I think it's worse for a Pastor because then their "attendee's" would think that it would be okay. But in another sense it would be different for a Pastor because they have a higher role in a church other than an attendee I guess that's what I'm trying to say. I disagree with just the end of this response I don't think it is any different for a Pastor or Minister becuase we are all held to the same standard in modesty as Christians. I think it's the "world" that holds Pastors and Ministers to the higher standard and really they are just people too that struggle with the same things as everyone else.
Response: it just all depends on what can be seen and the context of the photo. putting sexy poses in your underwear all over, or even just one picture, is different. but just showing stomach, or where you can't even tell unless you look at the previous picture, isn't bad. bikini, isn't bad. its just like going into public in a bikini.that's just my outlook on it.luckily there's no wrong or right answer to this. I disagree that there is no wrong answer. I think anything that would cause someone to lust after you and is almost made for that purpose is wrong and letting the whole world see it as you are posing for the camera is wrong. Granted if you are at the pool in your swimsuit and hanging with your friends and pics get taken and you post them, that is different, (as long as stuff isn't hanging out everywhere) but when the intent is to be sexy and get attention it's wrong no matter what you are wearing. However putting up pictures in your undies, why? The Bible to me is BLACK and WHITE... WRONG or RIGHT... there is no middle ground which means there is an answer to this.
Pretty Eye Opening Response: If i ever saw a youth pastor in their bra on myspace i think i would be totally against going to that church and hearing anything the pastor had to say. AND there is no difference, i would hope someone who called themself a christian would be a good example and NOT put a picture in their bra, or bathing suit top or whatever. its called a shirt duhhhh. they were invented for a reason. yeah. i dont think god honors anything like that.obviously its not right! Most of you know that I am a youth Minister and to hear that someone wouldn't even listen to me if I did this makes you think there has to be something wrong with it,but I love how she points out it doesn't vary that ALL Christians adhere to the same "code".
Similar Response: I don't think you should do this ever. It just makes you look cheap and desperate in my opinion. And the fact that it would be a person who is supposed to be telling people of God's love and kindenss makes it even worse. There are really no excuses for doing this but even less as a person who would be looked up too. I'm sure this person would not like thier congregation to do this. And if they think it's ok they need a serious reality check.
Response: for someone that calls themself a christian, showing there self in their bra for other non-christians would think hey that's okay to do. i agree with you, i think it's wrong on so many levels for a christian to post pictures in bra's. Here is another great point. Forget about what we are supposed to do as Christians, What are we teaching the world about Christians. There is supposed to be a difference between CHristians and the World, and I don't see that when we are acting exactly like them!! 1 Peter 2:11 "Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul." Here it shows us that we are to be so different that we look like aliens in this world and we aren't when we are acting just like them.
So I wrote this to make a point, But I didn't want to be the only one doing it. I wanted people to see what other girls are thinking and how they feel. I'm not condemning anyone I just hope that we are careful about what we put out there for everyone to see.