Friday, August 14, 2009

My iphone drama

Yes, I have nothing better to write about but my "American Problems". I feel like such a whiner complaing about something so not worth complaining about when there are people all over the world suffering, but nevertheless, I am an American and these are my problems.

One week ago today my iPhone was stolen from a Walmart parking Lot. I'm not exactly sure what happened or where it went as it was in the basket with my kiddos and I would have surely not missed someone reaching into my basket, and my four year old would have no doubtedly started telling me that someone grabbed my "mone". So I'm not sure where it went missing but in my adventure from Walmart to my house, I realized it was gone. My friends Kim and Chris were with me and began calling my phone in which the person who possessed my phone started forwarding my calls to voicemail. Chris began then sending texts saying, "please call me, there has been an accident, it's an emergency" trying to appeal to thier better morals. However, people that steal have no morals and they turned my phone off. I was at the same time on the phone with AT&T suspending my line.

I proceeded to then file a police report to verify that yes, it was stolen, and that way it can't be pawned. Which is nice!! However, I then called AT&T again to make sure that since I had reported the phone stolen to them and to the police that AT&T (which the iphone is exclusive to) wouldn't activate a stolen iPhone. Which in they proceed to tell me that yes, they will activate it. I told them that didn't make me feel like they cared about thier customers very much. They said that cell phones change hands so much that they can't know if the phone is stolen or not. HELLO!! I've reported it stolen. So I then ask the man (since I've had my phone less than 90 days) what they can do to help me get another one. He tells me nothing, and that I have to pay FULL PRICE ($400) for the 3g 8gig (bottom of the line) iphone.

I went to AT&T today becuase I couldn't get my new sim card to work in my phone and of course I can't help but tell the guy about my dillema where in he tells me I can call Apple and they can disable the phone with the IMEI number. So I call Apple and they tell me, no, that's not true and they can't do any of that. I then start telling her about what has happened. She tells me that I could have purchased insurance through an insurance company (becuase AT&T and Apple don't offer anything that covers theft), and I was like yeah, but I would have had to pay a five hundred deductible or pay $400 for a new phone. I mean really, why would I do that. She told me there is nothing they can do. And that if the people who stole my phone call in with MY serial number that is registered to MY name, they have to help them. WHAT!!! I said why can't you protect the honest people. I don't understand.

Needless to say I'm using a POS phone and I'm writing letters to AT&T and Apple about protecting the people that give them business. It wouldn't be hard my iTunes account could disable the phone when they try to hook it up. Or AT&T could have to type in the serial number if an iPhone comes in that wasn't purchased on that account and when it comes up on my account they could confiscate the phone. If they tried to call and activate it, they could have to type in the serial number and then tell the person on the phone there is no way to activate it over the phone and that they will have to come in. Sprint and TMobile do it. Why can't AT&T, and can it really be that hard when they are the only ones that service iPhones. UGHHH irritates me.
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