Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stitch fix review

So... I did this totally awesome fun thing! I stitch fixed!!

I consider myself pretty frugal and usually shop only off the clearance rack. However, I have been scouring the internet learning what I can about capsule wardrobes. I am not a super fashionable person (like I would wear my pjs everywhere if it was acceptable) but I WANT to be fashionable! A capsule wardrobe is the idea that you have a limited number of things per season in your closet and it has to be things you LOVE! This is the best way to figure out what YOUR style is. And then you decide what you need to add to it for the upcoming or current season.

So I decided I wanted to do this, but I wanted to have quality pieces. Enter stitch fix --> I'm terrible about picking things out that actually look good and fit on my body. Like seriously I tried on 9 pairs of jeans at nordstrom rack the other day and still walked away without a pair of jeans. I have seen review after review of people doing stitch fix and getting well fitting jeans the first time. I figured I would give it a shot and you can do it up to once a month or as infrequent as you like. You pay $20 for your stylist fee, you fill out a stylist profile, they pair you with a stylist, they handpick things just for you and then ship it to you. You try it on, and then they send you a postage paid envelope to ship back the things you don't like. If you decide you want to keep anything your $20 fee applies towards the cost of the items. Completely risk free!

It was so fun and exciting! I couldn't wait to see what my stylist had picked out for me!

The box comes all packaged up so pretty!
It includes a note from my stylist, A postage paid envelope, and card that shows you how to use the items they send. 
The first item they sent me was this layering necklace. I'm not huge on accessories but I did try it on just to make sure! (That's me being open to possibilities) 
She sent me this striped layering tee and cargo type vest. Since I'm picking items for my spring capsule I chose not to keep this layering tee (you know since I live in Texas) and I didn't love the way I looked in the tee alone. I thought the horizontal stripes made me look wide. She sent me the vest as a way to camoflauge the tummy and while it worked and did make me appear longer it was just a tad too small to actually button. 

Let's talk about how much I LOVE this pink shirt. But it was also a tad too small (and I was SOOO sad). I did however keep the jeans I tried on. While they are something I would have NEVER picked out for my self (they remind me of granny jeans) they made my rear look better than I think it normally does and they were so comfortable! 

So there you have it! My fix. 

I can't wait until the change of season (that's when I'll update my capsule) to have another fix sent! 

If you want to fill out a style profile and help this momma out with some fix credit (for you using this link to sign up) please do that here:

Remember be brave and struggle well

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