Friday, December 18, 2015

Stitch fix #5

So I had all but given up on stitch fix and they sent me a coupon code for my stylist fee because I hadn't ordered so long and I thought, "what do I have to lose?" So here goes need your opinions!! 

It looks like there are a few keepers! And on the stylist card I have almost all the items to style one look like my stylist says! Yay! 

Shirt number one. It's like a half shirt half sweater thing. It's super comfy but I feel like it cuts me weird and it's a little long. 

Shirt #2 I kinda love how this drapes and I love the color. 

Sweater: I'm not sure how I could not love this! 

Skirt: I kinda like it, and I kinda don't. I think it's a tad long. But I like the print. 

Jeans: boyfriend cut jeans. Super comfy I'm just not sold on the fit. 

Wanna get your own fix? Here's my referral code!

Tell me what you think 

Struggle well and be brave, 

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