Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pink Impact!!

Oh my Goodness. This weekend My mom, my sister, My sister's lovely friend Golden, and myself attended Pink Impact at Gateway Church. It's an all women's conference. The theme was "And Then". Basically it was that we need to experience an "and then, God" moment. It was AMAZING!!!! The worship of course was out of this world with Kari Jobe and Miriam Webster. Then Robert Morris did a lesson about 7 blockages to your "and then" moment. The next day there was two AMAZING lessons from Marliyn Hickey, and then the final session was Holly Wagner of God Chicks. She also did the closing lesson this morning. I would encourage ANY girl of ANY age ( there were teenagers to 80 years old there) to attend next year. You can go to to check out more details about next year and you can probably see this years on there as well. I know they livecast this years. I didn't really take pictures of the event becuase it was so good I didn't want to miss anything by taking pictures. But there are a few of us girls!! THought you might enjoy!
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