Saturday, May 2, 2009

ADDIE!!! and Aaron School update!

So, My precious Addie...she had been crying for a little bit before I went and got her out of her bed this morning, I walked in her room to find her completely standing up in her crib. She isn't pulling up on anything else in the house, so I thought I still had a little bit. But there she was, screaming and standing. Also, she is pushing through her first tooth on the bottom right. She has been fussy lately but I thought it was just due to a little virus, but nope. I felt it, her first tooth!! I"m so excited! As soon as I can I will post pictures of her doing these fun things and her cute teeth! SHe is crawling and she is super fast, I can't keep up with her, she is still army crawling but is definatley more effecient in doing so. I never really had this with Cade so pray for me as I learn all about what it means to not only have a crawling child, but one that also puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!

Okay, now on to my lovely Husband Aaron. He has to take several tests this week and if he fails even one test, all of his schooling is for nothing. He can't even retake the one class, he has to start school completely over again (which he won't) and all the money, time, and stress that has gone into this rediculousness we call school will be for nothing, not to mention that in this economy he will also be looking for a job. The job he currently has only continues if he gets through school. So please be praying for him this week! Pray for the provision of our family. I know that he has been studying, so pray that God brings the things he needs to know back to his memory! Thank you!
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