Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Family Man

I truly appreciate my husband, who he is, and what he does. However, Aaron has not always been the best at spending time with his family. I am a person whose primary love language is quality time. It's something I have to have in order to feel loved. I love being with people, especially people that love me, and I LOVE being with my husband. It seems like due to the fact that we are parents, and we have busy lives, that we just don't get alot of time together. But this weekend has been different. I have truly enjoyed it.

Saturday he DJ'ed at the St. Patty's day parade. I have never gone with him before, but not having a breastfeeding child helped me to be able to go.... not to mention my sister, who babysat for me. We had fun. He loved on me, made sure I was taken care of, even though he was working. I really felt like his wife! After getting everything taken care of, he then went to eat with me and my sister and the kids. Even though he was tired, not hungry, and had things to do.

Then today, Sunday, we went to church, and then after church we went to lunch where again he ate with us, and then we took the kids to see Thomas the Tank, We spent about three hours out there, and he never left my side (well except once, but it was okay) he was never on the phone, he never once complained, and then we went to my brothers house to celebrate my brothers birthday.

I know to most of you this is just what a husband and dad does, but for Aaron, he's learning, He's doing good. I'm sooo soooo proud of him, for the dad and husband he already is, but also for the dad and husband he is becoming! I know that these things are out of his nature, but I feel soo loved and cherished, and I just wanted to state how happy and proud I am.
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